Amazon's Work From Home Program: What it is and why it Works

September 26, 2020

Just like millions of other young individuals across the world, you may be looking into remote work as a viable income source that provides you with that all too desirable flexibility you long for.

Although there are countless options out there, one of these options is so popular currently that thousands more employees this year alone will be hired for this remote position. In fact, Amazon’s work from home program is so relevant that they require over 3,000 new work from home employees for the rest of this year alone.

With this said, however, you may be wondering what the Amazon work from home program consists of, how much it pays, and how it is redefining remote work as a whole. Below are these answers and more to help you decide beyond a shadow of a doubt whether working for this tech giant is ideal for you or not.

What is the Amazon Work From Home Program?

The Amazon work from home program is a program that provides remote positions ranging from human resources and web resources all the way to digital entertainment and operations technology. These positions often require a list of various essential requirements for the position ranging from experience in this field all the way to proficiency in various softwares and platforms.

Depending on the position, qualified candidates can expect to make a highly livable wage ranging from $50,000 to $70,000 a year. The positions also require your full-time availability in most cases and require you to be able to refer to a particular lead in whatever position you choose. Although, in most cases, the work is consistent and frequent, there are other more relaxed positions that will also allow current remote workers the flexibility needed to work for other clients as well during this time.

With a tremendous salary, thousands of options nationwide, and the outstanding flexibility of working from home, you may be wondering ‘what’s the catch’? The answer is simple: to work in one of these positions, you must be in one of the various virtual locations the company utilizes. These locations include Virginia, California, Florida, Washington, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, Arizona, Tennessee, Ohio, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Italy, Britain, and Germany.

Unfortunately, if you live in a state that is not included in this list, the Amazon work from home program is not an option for you as these positions don’t necessarily require any in-house work but want the time zones and availability to coincide with the places they work at. However, if your location is on the list, you will hundreds of options for remote work through Amazon at the tip of your fingers.

How is it Redefining Telecommuting and the Workplace?

Up until a few years ago, remote work was an option but nowhere near as prevalent as it is today. With more and more companies embracing remote work each and every day, the opportunity for work from home positions is higher than it has ever been before.

In fact, 3.9 million Americans now work from home on a day-to-day basis which means that 3.9 million Americans are saving gas, time, money, and energy each and every day. Because of the fact that more and more employees are beginning to see the money, effort, and energy saved by working remotely, Amazon’s influence in the game is highly important.

In business, there is an idea that states that smaller businesses should watch and then copy big business strategies in order to succeed. Because of this, having a massive company such as Amazon backing over 3,000 remote employees this year alone means that more companies will begin to embrace remote work and will effectively redefine the workplace as we know it.

In the end, Amazon’s role in the future of remote work will effectively create a far larger work from home industry and will help not only business and the average employee but the world, industry, and the economy exponentially. With all of this in mind, all that’s left is applying to the position you enjoy most and reaping the benefits of working from home in our modern society.