$6.3 million Grant Announced From JPMorgan Chase

June 29, 2022

Four years ago, in January 2014, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation announced a $6.3 million grant to help people gain access to safe and affordable housing. One third of the firm’s contributions will help minority residents in underserved communities with the rest dedicated to helping neighborhoods rebound through strategic community development. First time home buyers, with a focus on veterans, will be awarded money to assist in developing affordable housing and to prevent homelessness.

JPMorgan Chase Foundation has partnered with several non-profit agencies to make this dream come true. With this large amount of money available, how do you know if you qualify for any of these grants? Checking with the following agencies is a start to seeing if you qualify for the JPMorgan Chase Foundation programs.

  • NeighborWorks America:

    $1.5 million to provide training and capacity-building assistance to hundreds of housing counseling providers across the country.

  • LISC and Enterprise Community Partners:

    $2 million to support affordable housing predevelopment and preservation and strengthen programs that link affordable housing with economic development, workforce readiness and financial capability.

  • National Council of La Raza

    , National Urban League and National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development: $1.8 million to support their housing counseling networks and other community development activity with particular attention to cultural competency.

  • Housing Partnership Network:

    $450,000 to fund innovative programs that will aid homeowners facing the possibility of foreclosure and further develop and test Framework, an interactive online homebuyer education platform that appeals to a new generation of homebuyers.

  • Community Solutions:

    $370,000 to help local civic leaders maximize available resources to provide housing for chronically homeless veterans through the 100,000 Homes campaign.

  • The National Association of Latino Community Asset Builders:

    $250,000 to build on its Neighborhood Stabilization Program collaborative.