Flexible Options to Supplement Your Income

June 29, 2022

The Gig Economy

In recent years, you’ve probably heard the term “gig economy” tossed around. Or perhaps you’ve heard about having a “side hustle.” Regardless of the term used, great opportunities exist these days to empower yourself and produce supplemental income, income in addition to that which you earn from a regular full time or part time job. What makes these opportunities even more attractive is that many of them can be done on your own time with excellent flexibility.

Ride Sharing Companies

Do you own a car? Owning a car is one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn supplemental income. Ride share companies such as LYFT and Uber have seen rapid expansion in recent years. No longer are these companies exclusive to major metropolitan areas, and each company has aggressively expanded their amounts of drivers. Typically you must pass a background check and have a solid driving record, and your car must fit certain make and model requirements. Some companies offer generous bonuses and incentives to become a ride share driver. Ride share drivers also enjoy the benefit of being in control of their schedules. If you want to drive for a full day, you can do so. If you want to try and pick up a couple rides on your way home from work, you have that option as well. You can drive according to how much money you would like to try and make, and most companies now allow their riders to tip drivers.

Personal Shopping Services

Another unique earning opportunity if you have access to a vehicle is working for a personal shopping or delivery service. The vehicle requirements may not be as strict as for a ride share company. Instacart, for example, is fast growing personal shopping service that many people take advantage of. Customers order groceries and goods online from select stores, and the personal shopper receives the order, fills it to the customer’s satisfaction, and delivers the goods. If you enjoy grocery shopping in your own time, perhaps you would like to get paid to grocery shop for someone else when you have free time. One thing to note for Personal Shopper jobs is that you may be delivering heavy items such as cases of water, which could be more physically taxing that one expects. While there is Instacart for groceries, there are also companies like Postmates where you could be shopping for a variety of goods, such as a trip to a bookstore to pick up a specific title.

Restaurant Delivery

It used to be that being a food delivery driver, you drove for one company. Perhaps you delivered pizza for the local mom and pop pizza parlor, or a large chain. With an increase in technology that reaches multiple restaurants and coordinates delivery drivers, you can become a delivery driver for a service like DoorDash. As a delivery driver for this this type of technological delivery service, you receive an order, pick it up at the restaurant, and then delivered to the customer. If you have nights and weekends free, this can be a great way to supplement your income.

Skilled Service Contract Work

Do you have a skill or a craft? If you learned some design skills in school and you’re looking for contract work outside your regular job, you could advertise your design services on a site like Fiverr. This site allows you to advertise your skills and accept projects. There are more professional opportunities which would allow you to increase your skills on a time frame that you set with the client that hires you. Do you have a green thumb, or are you looking to set up some babysitting jobs in your spare time? Sites like Care.com allow you to seek gigs such as babysitting, or gardening and landscaping, even dog walking.

Getting Paid For Your Passion

The gig economy and the internet provide a number of opportunities for earning supplemental income. If you have hobbies like making jewelry in your spare time, there are also outlets to sell your goods online. A flexible, unique and fulfilling chance to turn your passion into profit can be out there, whether it’s driving, spending time with people, pets, or arts and crafts.