Stay Healthier With These Popular Work From Home Jobs

June 29, 2022

As the world is gripped by the growing Coronavirus pandemic, many people are beginning to think more about their safety and their family’s safety. Restaurants are closing. Movie Theaters are closing. Fitness Centers are closing. Retail stores are closing. Even places of worship are moving their services to online streams in order to reach their congregation. These steps are being taken not only across the United States, but the world as well. While hopefully these circumstances are temporary for the next couple of weeks, Americans are giving more thought to professions that allow them to work from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Many major companies such as Apple and Twitter have insisted on their employees working remotely for the foreseeable future.

So long as employees continue to perform their duties as trained, more and more companies are coming to understand that allowing their companies to work from home can be just as efficient, and definitely a safety for the health of the people who drive the core of their businesses. No matter your experience, even if you have no experience at all, there are a variety of positions for which you can apply or consider that will allow you to work remotely.

Customer Service

Companies of all types and sizes need customer service reps. Whether it’s a large mobile carrier, a hardware store chain, pet related stores, or even companies like online jewelers, there’s always a need for customer service representatives. Experience is often not required these types of positions, and they can offer solid pay and benefits with the right company. Perhaps think of a type of a business or product that you immensely enjoy and start your search there. For instance, if you love dogs, you could search for a customer service position with a pet medication company. With a phone and a computer, frequently provided by companies offering the job.

Tech Support

Similar to customer service, tech support for companies like cable companies, internet companies, mobile phone companies and the like tend to be great jobs that may allow you to work from home. You may be fielding customer requests to help troubleshoot difficulties with equipment, service, or help getting started with certain products. You may have an opportunity to work from home as a tech support agent for another company or product that you enjoy, and the experience of helping other customers fully enjoy the product as well can be a rewarding career choice.

Data Entry

Are you looking for a job in which you can turn on some tunes, or a podcast, and go to town (figuratively, of course) systematically inputting data according to an employer’s specs? Then Data Entry is likely a great job for you. Companies of all types have a need for data entry specialists. These jobs are popular with accounting firms, healthcare companies, and manufacturing companies that need to account for important aspects of their businesses like inventory or billing. If you’re looking to freelance and set your own hours a bit more, you may even be able to find great jobs through gig work portals online. These can be fruitful for people who have experience. Larger and mid sized companies, even the government, constantly have a need for Data Entry Specialists, and if you’re a dedicated employee these positions typically do not require experience. Data Entry is a great work from home job because it has set tasks, it’s easy for the employee to monitor, and depending on how you perform, it may allow you for some flexible time around home.

Medical Billing and Coding

The Baby Boomer generation continues to age, and the insurance industry becomes more complex, so demand is high for Medical Billers and Coders. This is another type of job that many people are able to execute from the comfort of their own homes. Healthcare companies, large and small, local and nationwide, have a need for medical billers and coders. The medical field is a growing industry, and with a pandemic looming over the world, there will be high demand for support to the medical staff that needs to diagnose and treat Coronavirus patients. You could be doing an important job to help our country heal from its current situation.

Sales Representative

Products need selling. Gone are the days where you needed to hop in your car and drive business to business, or go door to door, to pitch a product. Sales jobs can be done from the comfort and safety of your own home, and these jobs can be financially lucrative because they can involve performance bonuses based on sales quotas. The harder you work, the more money you can earn to take care of your family. If you were born with the “gift of gab” or you’re naturally a persuasive and outgoing personality, this may be a great career option for you. Many times, all you need is a phone, and a computer which companies can provide, and days selling from your home office could be an exceptionally rewarding and lucrative career choice.

Online Survey Participant

A gig that you can access easily is being an online survey participant. These types of jobs are plentiful online, are helpful to companies learn more about their products and services, and they can be done with your spare time. Many of these surveys pay a certain dollar amount per survey taken, so the more you complete, the more you make. However, watch out for illegitimate survey companies that may be looking for your information rather than to pay you per survey that you complete. Some names that may be familiar to you are Ipsos, Nielsen, and Swag Bucks, and YouGov. These tend to be reputable companies that offer many different paid survey opportunities.