The Top 5 Highest Salary Remote Jobs

June 29, 2022

Nowadays, it’s no secret that working from home can provide you with all the freedom and personal success you could possibly desire. However, it’s also no secret that money talks—and it’s got a pretty loud voice.

With this said, being able to find the most lucrative remote positions out there and specifically applying to these opportunities is the best way to feel successful and have the monetary backing to prove it. Although there is an endless sea of remote positions out there, below are five of the most popular positions along with their average salaries so you can make informed job decisions and find the high-paying telecommuting position that’s perfect for you and your experience.

1. Virtual Assistant: $22,000

Perhaps, one of the most common remote positions out there, virtual assistants are required to keep track of information and schedules for their clients as well as make calls and send emails on their behalf. Typically, this position is needed for offices, influencers, artists, and celebrities and does not necessarily pay as well as other options but does only require very little effort from the employee.

Furthermore, this position rarely requires its employee to fill out any kind of no-compete clause meaning that it can be combined with other similar jobs to create a highly lucrative position for remote employees which can last longer than many other remote work positions.

2. Marketing Specialist: $63,000

As a marketing specialist, your position is mainly comprised of creating engaging content and keeping track of its success for various clients. The average clients in need of marketing are small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to create followings online which can be converted into sales and profit.

However, to do this remote job, you must have an understanding of marketing tactics as well as the best practices for marketing platforms and campaigns. In the past, this simply meant posting ads on social media or creating quality content for a client’s site.

But, nowadays, true marketing specialists are aware of the best practices for every social media platform and have extensive knowledge regarding search engine optimization (SEO) likewise. If you do not have this background, you may want to review these things before avidly searching for a position in this industry.

3. Computer Analyst: $70,000

Computer analysts are one of the highest paying remote workers out there—and for good reason. Unlike many of the jobs on this list, computer analyst positions require extensive knowledge into technology, computational mechanics, and repair. For this, the position may seem like a great opportunity but is only recommended for those that already have these qualifications.

The average computer analyst is required to help higher-up analysts compile data, discover security concerns, and find optimal solutions to keep business data secure. Because of this, the position is best suited for an individual that knows about data analysis and how to use it to help companies expand and stay secure.

4. IT Manager: $82,000

Although this position may sound as simple as helping businesses with their technology-related problems, being able to find a position in this industry requires a visible track record with the various software and programs the company uses as well as an extensive employment history in this field.

Most of these remote positions will initially require you to perform basic tasks in order to test your qualifications and experience before hiring you. For this, it’s best that you focus on a different industry if you are not qualified in these particular areas.

5. Software Developer: $115,000

As a software developer, working from home is far from the greatest perk. With a national salary average of over $115,000, being a software developer can be so successful that it can actually provide for a full family with ease.

As a software developer, working from home is far from the greatest perk. With a national salary average of over $115,000, being a software developer can be so successful that it can actually provide for a full family with ease.

Now that you know five of the most lucrative remote jobs out there, it’s time to start brushing up on your industry, compiling proof of your experience, and searching for the best high paying work from home position for you.